admiringbog's Journal

17 January 1978
My name is Michelle. I am a special education teacher and currently work in a non-public school that specializes in autism. I work with children in vocational transition (over the age of 13). My job is a major part of my life. The children I teach are the ones the public schools could not handle. Many are violent, many can not speak, some do to respond when you talk to them, some can hold a job and have a chance at a productive life, all of them have my heart.

I am married to a wonderful man agentoz. We live in our lovely house in Bel Air, Maryland. I live 8 minutes from my childhood home. I have never lived more that 15 minutes away from that home. That fact is both reassuring and depressing for me. I am a Mommy to a beautiful girl named Michaela (Mike). She is the driving force in all decisions of my life. I talk about her a lot.

I have a have husky/GSD mix dog named Tasha. I love to read and most things girly. Someday I will write the Great American Novel. I am liberal and a staunch Democrat which sometimes conflict with being Catholic.

I am very opinionated and post more often in summer than the school year. Please feel free to add me, I love friends. On the same note, if you want to “unfriend” me at anytime please do- no hard feelings.

You win bonus points if you can identify the reference I am making in my username.